v70-SB-SI (2)
v70-SB-SI (6)
v70-SB-SI (4)
v70-SB-SI (1)

AT&T T Mobile Verizon 5G 4G LTE Band12/13/17 Network Extender Repeater Cell Phone Signal Booster

v70-SB-SI (2)
v70-SB-SI (6)
v70-SB-SI (4)
v70-SB-SI (1)

AT&T  T Mobile Verizon 5G 4G LTE Band12/13/17 Network Extender Repeater Cell Phone Signal Booster

Frequency Band Class

Single-Band(Band 12/13/17)

Special Feature

Car Cell phone Signal Booster For AT&T Verizon Band 12/13/17, Improve 5G 4G Data&Vocie, NO More Dropped/Missed call, Fast Network
Data, Cell Phone Booster for Car Support Mutiple devices

Included Components

Indoor Panel + Outdoor Yagi antennas, 

50ft + 16ft Coaxial cable, 

U-Bolts, screws, 

Installation manual, 

12 Volt power supply, 

ATT Verizon Cell booster

Applicable carriers

AT&T, T-Mobile, Straight Talk, Cricket, U.S. Cellular and more 


Our products can be adapted to different operators around the world, please contact us so that we can adapt more suitable models
and accessories for you.

Home Cell Phone Signal Booster, Cell Phone Boosters, 65dB Dual Band Cellular Repeater Amplifier with High Gain Yagi+Panel Antennas | FCC Approved

* Cell Signal Booster for Home work for Verizon, Straight Talk, AT&T, T-mobie Band 12/13/17, Say goodbye the Poor Signal
* Cellular signal booster verizon cell booster verizon cell extender improve the 5G 4G LTE Network Data and Call Quality, NO Dropped/Missed call and Fast Internet Data, lte cell booster verizon 4g signal booster, cell phone service booster Support Mutiple User & Devices.
* High Gain 65dB verizon lte network extender for home, Auto Gain Control, Eliminate Interference, Powerful signal booster with LED Indicators, Low noise, Inactivity Mode, No more buffer time
* Verizon Cell Phone Booster for home Extend cell battery life, Verizon cell phone extender verizon cellular booster for rural locations supported cellular signal reception for up to 5,000 sq. ft for Multiple Rooms, Boost the signal up to 100X, Cell phone booster verizon network extender can Boost weak signal from 1-2 Bars to 4-5 Bars.
* Verizon Service Booster verizon booster verizon wireless booster can compatible with all 5G phones, t-mobile cell signal
booster at&t cellular booster for Home compatible with IOS, Pad, Android, WiFi hotpots, Windows Phone Systems, provide your home with long-lasting coverage
* The outdoor Yagi antenna and indoor Panel antenna combination offers enhanced signal reception, reduced interference, and better coverage, is particularly suitable for areas with weak outdoor signal reception, such as remote, rural area. Indoor panel antennas offer targeted signal enhancement. By focusing the signal in a particular direction, they can provide better coverage in densely populated locations.

1. Signal Reception:
Outdoor Yagi Antenna capture the existing cell phone signals from nearby cell towers.
Installation of Outdoor Antenna

 * Mount the outdoor panel antenna at outside place where receives the strongest signal from cell tower, and point it in the direction of tower.
 * APPs: LTE Discovery and Network Cell Info Lite can help you find out the best signal location.

2. Signal Amplification:
Once the outside antenna receives the cell phone signals, it sends them to the cell phone antenna signal booster. The att cellular booster verizon mobile signal booster increases the strength of these signals significantly.
Installation of Indoor Antenna

* Mount the Cell Phone Extender Verizon Booster device somewhere inside the house and find a place to put the indoor panel antenna.
* The signal amplifier should be mounted in a place where have good ventilation.

3. Signal Distribution:
The amplified signals are then transmitted to the inside antenna. It broadcasts the enhanced signals across the desired coverage area, ensuring that cell phones within range can receive and transmit signals with improved quality and strength.
Installation of Coaxial Cables

 * Connect the coaxial cables to the indoor/ outdoor antenna and the indoor/ outdoor ports of signal booster.
 * The distance between indoor and outdoor antennas should be over 39ft and make sure a proper physical separation between them.

4. Signal Transmission:
Once the inside antenna broadcasts the amplified signals, cell phones within range can receive them. As a result, the cell phones experience better signal strength, improved call quality, faster data speeds, and reduced instances of dropped calls or connectivity issues.
Installation of Power Adapter

* Connect the power adapter to the booster and power socket, then Verizon Cell Phone Booster's LED Display will on and start working.
* Note: the verizon cell signal booster verizon cell booster kit could only make the weak signal becomes stronger, verizon phone signal booster couldn't create signal.

Verizon Extenders Signal Booster, Cell Phone Booster Boost Cell Signal from 1-2 Bars to 3-5 Bars, Faster 5G 4G Data Speed, No More Dropped Calls!

* Improved signal strength: A cell phone signal booster amplifies the existing weak signal, providing a stronger and more
   reliable signal for voice calls, text messages, and data transfer. This can be particularly beneficial in areas with poor
   reception, such as rural or remote locations, underground areas, or buildings with thick walls.
 * Enhanced call quality: With a stronger signal, you're less likely to experience dropped calls, static, or poor audio quality
   during phone conversations. A signal booster can help reduce noise and interference, resulting in clearer and more consistent call quality.
 * Faster data speeds: A stronger signal translates to faster data speeds, enabling quicker web browsing, smoother streaming of videos or music, and faster downloads or uploads. This can be especially valuable for individuals who rely on their mobile devices for work, entertainment, or accessing online services.
 * Expanded coverage area: By amplifying the signal, a cell phone signal booster for home can extend the coverage area of your cellular network. Larger cell signal coverage up to 5, 000 square feet, stronger cell signal strength 100X
 * Battery life preservation: In areas with weak signals, your phone often struggles to maintain a connection, constantly
   searching for a better signal. This can drain your battery faster. With a phone signal booster, your phone can maintain a
   stronger connection, reducing the strain on the battery and potentially extending its life.

Packing List:
 Indoor Panel + Outdoor Yagi antennas, 50ft + 16ft Coaxial cable, 
U-Bolts, screws, 
Installation manual, 
12 Volt power supply, 
ATT Verizon Cell booster

Verizon Extender Technical Points:
- Operation Frequency:Band 13/ 12/ 17
- Max. Gain: 65dB
- AGC LEVEL:Uplink:-45.00, Downlink:-56.00
- Impedance: 50 ohm
- Operating voltage: AC100 ~ 240V, DC12V/2A
- Tips: (1) The booster work with Band 13/ 12/ 17 700MHz, so please kindly confirm the network frequency before order.
(2) It could only make the weak signal stronger, it couldn't create signal; so the outdoor antenna should receive 2-3 bars of
stable signal in the location where it's mounted, or the signal booster couldn't work well.

App: "LTE Discovery", "Network Cell Info Lite", "Open Signal" can help you check out your cell phone band, find out the cell tower direction.
This phone booster can't create signal. Required Outdoor basic signal quality at least 1-2 bars.
Please confirm your Cell Phone Network Frequency & Band is Band 12 / 13/ 17 at your outdoor location before you placing an order, or this cell phone antenna booster will not work for you.
All cellulars with correct band will get boosted.
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